Our herd
Loyola and cria
Venusia and cria

We are an alpaca breeding farm, you'll be surrounded by fields of these beautiful and inquisitive creatures and you're welcome to walk among them. Alpacas originate from the south-american altiplano. They're intelligent and inquisitive animals and make excellent rural pets. They're not agressive to humans though defend themselves and their young very effectively against predators. Easy to keep and highly efficient grazers they do very well in the UK where this young industry is focused on production of fine fleece for the European fashion industry.

We have a herd of around thirty including males, females and young ('cria'). You're very welcome to walk amongst the herd and you'll find they'll come to 'look you over'. If you do visit the alpacas please make sure you keep your dog on a lead..

If you'd like to meet some alpacas, or get involved in some husbandry, let us know and we'll arrange it.

For more information on alpacas see our website: